An Overview Of Teen Bible: Development, Importance And Needs

According to a survey conducted recently, it has been estimated that around 88% teenagers leave church right after secondary schooling and never come back. There are many reasons which have come up as to why this is the situation, but one particular reason which has grabbed maximum attention is that this group don’t understand the Bible correctly and hence find no such connection with God. The problem hence persists with the Bible itself. It is true that just merely visiting the church every Sunday is not enough. That visiting must also know about the teachings of God and must be able to relate these to their life.

Teen Bible aims to make you a responsible person

During days earlier, parents used to teach their kids lessons of the Bible but now in this busy world, hardly parents get time to conduct this teaching session. Hence children or teens of this age are completely unaware of the preaching of the Bible. Also, they complain about getting no time to devote to Bible studies as well as complain about not being able to understand the meaning. The lack of time here is due to electronics, friends and other matters of distraction. The teens of this generation prefer texts which are easy and quick to understand. For them, pressing issues are something which needs to be kept in store for being explored in older days. Such habit is what most inherits from their parents. But it is said that one with better guidance in the teenage days can only become a responsible person. Keeping all these concerns into the notion, the teen bible has been developed. Teenage Bible study deals with lessons which no one will find difficult reading and understanding.

Benefits of reading teen Bible

For those who are still suspicious about the benefits of reading teen bibles, here is a brief about the advantages in details:

  • Teen Bible study helps in offering quick and easy thoughts to teenagers helping them to develop a greater understanding of God. You do not have to spend hours and hours reading the Bible but can cover each teen bible study topics a day devoting only 5 minutes to it.
  • Most of these bible study topics for college students’ deal with the current issues they face i.e. peer pressure, dating, strained family relations and others. Using the solutions can help you rearrange your messed up life and relationships. Also, you can guide your non-Christian friends with these teachings in case they suffer from any problems addressed here.
  • Some parents willing to get their teenagers this type of Bible feel that short lessons mean short time and hence less intensity of its application. You are completely wrong. The lessons included here are short, but they are highly influential in making your teen aware of the good and bad. They hence can guide their personal belief in the right track.
  • The teachings make them aware of the sacrifice of Jesus and prevent them from taking any wrong decision in life thereby promising better association with God in return.


Now that you are aware of teen Bible and its importance have you thought anything about your youth bible study lesson plans? To walk on the right path of life with God beside, it is necessary for every Christian teen to follow the teachings of the Bible which are discussed in a friendly note here.


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