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Teenage Bible Study: A Must For Christian Teens For A Better Life Ahead

Teenage life is quite hard. This is because, in this stage of life, a child goes through various physical, psychological and emotional transformations. They again become subject to peer pressure in school and that constant guide from parents at home. Parents treat children in a way that they have grown up, but when kids come up with their decision or choice about some matter, they turn them down telling they are still young to make such serious decisions. All these create frustration within a teen. However, Christian teens are lucky enough with Jesus guiding their way with his teachings encoded in the Bible.
Restore mental peace solving your problems with The Bible
Christian teens can solve their problems and restore mental peace by spending some time regularly in prayers and teen Bible study materials. This way they can mature, and responsible human being or it can be said that by spending time with Teenage Bible study they can become what God wants them to be. The Bible says that God wants his children to be holy like him, where holy means consecrated or set apart. Christians must keep them apart from the world so as to become more alike Christ. This is hence the goal for all Christians.
Three major teenage problems addressed
Truly, the Bible has got answers for problems faced by people in every stage of their life. It hence addresses to the problems of teenage life as well, while some issues are addressed directly, some have been discussed indirectly. Here are few teen bible study topics discussed which promise to help you walk closer with Lord Jesus.

  • Peer Pressure: This is defined as the influence that a teen’s friends have on him/her. This influence brings a change in their attitudes, beliefs as well as behaviors so as to cope up with their friend circle. This peer pressure is highly harmful to Christian teens who don’t want to keep themselves isolated from the world. The Bible says that there is nothing much to worry about peer pressure. The only thing a Christian teen is supposed to remember is valuing God and his teachings more that valuing his/her peers.
  • Dating: A Christian teens is said to be higher in standard from his/her peers regarding holiness and purity. As per the bible study topics for college students, Christians can date only Christians. It is said that a believer can drag his or her nonbelieving friend/friends for a better life but what mostly happens is that the believer is dragged into their ungodly life. God has created sex, but he meant it to be between one man and woman who are hitched to stay with each other for a lifetime. But teen relationships don’t last longer than a few months or years. Hardly people get married to their childhood sweetheart. But dating with the mix, Christian teens later find themselves in the pothole of spiritual, emotional and physical difficulties.
  • Relation with Parents: The Bible says that teens need to respect their parents. However hardly a few realize that there is a command promise followed by it. Jesus promises you longer life with him if you respect your parents. Though you are now growing up and asked by your parents to take decisions on some matter on your own, parents can’t restrain themselves from commanding orders. You may find such a situation frustrating but never disrespect your parents. God has given you parents to guide you towards a better life. So respect them and their feelings. This will help in improving your life.

Final Say
Apart from these, the Bible has many other things in store to help you have a better life. To know more, you need to get time and study them. So what are your thoughts about youth bible study lesson plans? To have a better life, go ahead with it.