Teen Bible Study – 5 Important Topics for Young Generation

There are many topics of Bible, especially which is important for youth to know the meaning of life and nature. One needs to do personal research in these subjects to achieve more education about life effectively. So if you’re searching for subjects to study, here are five essentialBible study topics for college students –
Just like everyone else, Jesus also dealt with temptation and he wasn’t immune to devil’s trials (Matthew 4:3-11). We all struggle with it, and you need to encourage younger people than you just like an elderly person does to you. Encourage, quite a big thing to achieve the goal in our life, also, don’t think that you need to obey just because people struggle with it, there’s no point. Keep in mind that temptation isn’t a sin, you fall into it when you yield to temptation. Temptation doesn’t come from the God, it’s our lusts which drive us towards it, it varies from one person to another, your struggle may be sinful to someone else. However, people need to be sensitive and avoid participating in events which are sinful.
10 Commandments
The ten commandments, especially known as the God’s law is an effective soul winning accessory. God has completed the laws (Matthew 5:17), and it’s in the place to show the sinners when they need a savior.You can study the ten commandments and the historical meaning behind it to achieve a new perspective on life. Also, some countries use the commandments as Mosaic law as a part of the respective constitution. You may like to know about it more; your personal study will help you also.
Prayer is the only way to communicate with God, the lifeline that the God has created by his words to have a perfect relationship with him. As you ask, beg, or request to God means prayer, it’s refreshing and not a shame to do so. God has created the way by himself to hear from us, to know what we need (Matthew 7:7, 8). There are various prayers in Bible, Jesus gave words about prayer in four gospel accounts of Bible, a systematic way of the great study may help you to know and connect with the prayers.
Disciple of Jesus Christ
If you want to know the meaning of following Jesus Christ, New Testament will give you the answer. You may need to study and research about the life of Jesus and his fellow followers; you will know the true of the meaning of living for the Lord. The Roman Chapter 12 is the great material to start with, as it tells you the story of Christ’s life and the Romans.
Controlling The Tongue
As the Bible often mentioned that the tongue is the most destructive power (Jeremiah 9:8) and how difficult is to control the tongue (James 3:6-8), study about how to control the tongue which is also a spiritual maturity. The tongue can bless, curse, and heal others, know how to control the power and teach others.

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