Teen Bible Study – Top 6 Bible Apps You Need to Know

As we are living a technology-oriented life, our devices or gadgets are pretty useful, and there are many useful apps which we need to explore.However, it is harder to seek attention from a person with a smartphone nowadays; we can understand almost everything by the invention itself. One of the most useful things is we can install Bible apps in our devices and explore the paths of Christ. Here are 6 Bible apps for teenage Bible study that are available on Android and iOS platforms –

The Nativity Story – Deluxe Edition

A great storybook feels with attractive images and hidden surprises; the application is quite ideal for kids, and pop-up option made it much more attractive.

  • Platform – iOS, available on iPad
  • Developer – Puddle Tap Publishing Ltd.
  • File Size –158Mb

Olive Tree Bible

The best Bible application, according to many user reviews and implementation critics, the application is ideal for study, research, devotion, optimization, and memorization. The simple yet full of features and study materials will make you love the app, you can do customization such as highlighters, notes, use different fonts, and text sizes, etc. It is one of the most recommended applications for teenage Bible study for its various features and navigation.

  • Platform – iOS, Android
  • Developer – HarperCollins Christian Publishing Inc.
  • File Size – 60.5Mb

The Apologetics Study Bible for Students

With the customizable interface, the application is quite resourceful, and you may need to dig deeper to study the entire topic. You may know the reason behind why do you believe in Christ more clearly, also, the culture of the time of God. The application will give you a new perspective on life with discretion and wisdom.

  • Platform – iOS, available on iPhone and iPad
  • Developer – Lifeway Christian Resources
  • File size – 22.8Mb

The Scripture Typer

If you want to memorize and teach others, you may need this application as the memorization system is excellent.You can draw, create flash cards, type the verses out, and make a collection of favorites, etc. Also, the application will let you record the verses with your voice, maybe this is why most of the users prefer this form. However, the application is quite versatile, and you have every possible reasons to install it on your smartphone.

  • Platform – Android, iOS, available on iPhone and iPad
  • Developer – Millennial Apps, LLC
  • File Size – 13.8Mb

YouVersion Holy Bible

The application offers excellent audio features with great sound quality and it’s free to download the application. However, the application needs Internet to access the materials, with amazing resources and audio facility you’ll get lost in the application till you read the entire of it.

  • Platform – Android, iOS, available on iPhone and iPad
  • Developer – Lifechuch.tv
  • Size- 35Mb

Prayer Prompter

The application is designed for various prayers and life, though it doesn’t feature flash cards. The app will let you study about scripture, meditation, and thanking God. Also, you can use shuffle mode to keep it real and not monotonous, with good resources and features of meditation you can download the application to study the Bible.

  • Platform -iOS, available on iPhone and iPad
  • Developer – Richard Austin
  • File Size – 5.4Mb

There are various applications on the market of both iOS and Android platforms, but not every application is genuine and relevant. The above list of applications is reliable and installed by many users across the world.

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